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The Experience


Cosmetologist will cleanse your back with Gentle foaming cleanser. After, your skin will feel pure as well as free from oils. Also, this cleanser will help make your skin refreshed and clean.

Skin Analysis

Skin analysis is part of a professional back treatment. This is when your skin care professional determines your skin type, conditions, and the best course of treatment.

Just before the first touches, the skin care professional will be looking at your skin for its overall appearance. As well as, the things she can easily see: oily, congested skin with breakouts,  dry, dull, and aging skin. As well as red or, highly sensitive skin, fine lines and wrinkles.

Steam Treatment

After a thorough skin analysis, we will put a steamer on the back. This will help open the pores and soften the muscles.


After that the skin care professional  will apply super exfoliation treatment. This treatment helps digest the dead skin cells without irritating the most sensitive skin. She will also make extractions if needed.


Next step,  will be a back massage. This is a very popular Western beauty technique.  This will relieve stress, headache, premenstrual syndrome as well as, sinus congestion.


Then therapist will apply a mask depends of skin type.

Final Touches

Right after the mask you will get a shot of serum Complex. This is a unique formula that helps improve the skin’s tone, texture and appearance. This lightweight serum utilizes powerful antioxidants.

A moisturizing cream will also be applied with SPF filter formulated for daily use.  Not only you will be getting UV protection, your skin will also be replenished with vitamins and antioxidants facilitating hydration.



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