Acne Facial Treatment

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Acne Facial

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What is it?

An acne treatment facial uses a combination of a medicated mask and a chemical peel. This treatment is ideal for anyone struggling with stubborn whiteheads and blackheads. Some results are seen immediately. However, for the most effective results a series of treatments should be done.

What to expect during an Acne Facial:

To begin you will start off with a consultation. This is the time when you’ll talk with your cosmetologist. She will ask you question about your daily skin care routines. As well as any other concerns that you might have.

A thorough cleansing will be done using a Mandelic cleanser. This cleanser reduces inflammation. As well as brightens and heals the skin, while also removing makeup and oils.

Next comes the skin analysis and the pore cleansing. During the skin analysis your cosmetologist will determine your skin type and conditions. After that she will perform a pore cleansing. This cleansing will open up the pores and remove excess oils.

Steam is then applied to soften any whiteheads or blackheads making the extraction process easier.

An anti-acne exfoliant is then used to exfoliate the skin and promote clarity in the face.

After the exfoliation a basic extraction is performed. The extraction is used to get rid of any whiteheads or blackhead. This is optional and may be a little uncomfortable to some.

An acne chemical peel and removal is then done. The chemical peel solution removes dead skin while also rebuilding the skin’s texture left after the removal. This process helps to reduce the effects of acne and minimize blemishes.

A medicated acne masque is then applied to the face. ­This masque calms post extraction inflammation, while also killing bacteria and reducing the severity of acne. Followed by an application of serums that balance out the skin’s pH levels.

Finally, you will receive a facial massage and your cosmetologist will apply moisturizers, toner, and/or sunscreen.