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Apparatus Pedicurenails

60 min / 75$

Apparatus Pedicure is a type of foot care which includes special care for feet. It includes the cleaning of toenails, polishing and shaping. As well as corns and callus removal. Best solution for people with diabetes, dry, sensitive skin, athletic feet, ingrown nails as well as much more.


30 minutes/  25$

Transform your hands back to their youthful glow while enjoying a comforting herbal bath as well as a gentle exfoliation. Dedicated care for nail as well as cuticles. Thus, concluding with a soothing, delightful as well as protective hand massage.


45 minutes/45$ Orlando Pedicure

Get all of the benefits of a spa pedicure. The experience begins with a relaxing herbal bath. Then, a soothing bamboo scrub, further softening the feet. The treatment is continued with the application of the callus remover. Then, finished by shaping the nails as well as conditioning the cuticles. Aches, stiffness as well as soreness are relieved with a nurturing massage.


75 minutes/75$

Great for those who are hard on their feet! This specialized treatment revitalizes as well as improves the conditions in the athletic feet. Designed to give special attention to nail plate structure as well as growth, fungus prevention and treatment. A replenishing massage leads to instant relief! Rejuvenates the feet as well as keep them looking their best.


75 minutes/75$

A medical pedicure refers to the examination and treatment of disorders effecting the feet and toenails by a qualified specialist. The nails and cuticles are treated appropriately according to their needs, such as: brittle and torn nails, ingrown nails and fungus. This is a therapeutic pedicure with an elevated level of cracked skin as well as callus reduction treatment. Finishing with a relaxing massage, your feet will feel cool, refreshed as well as hydrated.

More Nails Service:

Nail polish change: $10

French: $10

Gel nail polish (Shellac) color: $25

Nail  repair: starting at $5

Soak off gel: starting at $10