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Lymphatic Drainage & Cavitation

lymphatic drainage

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  • Reduces as well as eliminates cellulite

  • Weight loss

  • Permanently destroys fat cells

Ultrasonic Cavitation:                                                  

Say goodbye to unwanted flab as well as increase your confidence with a smoother, slimmer, sleeker appearance! Created and designed in Europe, ultrasound cavitation is a localized fat reduction treatment that contours, shapes, as well as slims the body, utilizing sound waves. The treatment permanently destroys fat cells. Without damaging any vascular, nervous, as well as muscular tissues and organs.

lymphatic drainage

Most experts agree that ultrasound treatment for cellulite is perfectly safe and less harmful than laser treatments. The treatment is FDA approved as well as non-invasive.

Cavitation Stomach: $80    

Cavitation Hips: $80 

Cavitation Legs: $100   

Vacuum Cellulite reduction 1 zone: $80+ 

Lymphatic Drainage:

What is it?

Lymphatic drainage is a multi-function weight-loss device. This device uses infrared fat dissolving, air pressure, and low frequency stimulation. The heat and pressure massage cycles throughout the body, starting at the feet all the way up to the arms. This process increases the lymphatic flow as well as rids the body of toxins. 

How it is done:

Far infrared is used to increase the basic metabolic rate. This is the fastest as well as most natural way to loose weight. This process warms the body to the same temperature located at the core of the body. The body tries to cool itself down which then causes fat to be broken down as well.

Air- pressure is then cycled through the body. The pressure first starts at the feet. Then, it is cycled up the legs, hips, as well as stomach. Lastly, the pressure works its way up the arms and the process is repeated for about an hour.  

Low frequency stimulation also known as EMS is then applied to stimulate special points on the body. This process accelerates the metabolism causing a remarkable effect of weight loss and tightening of the skin. 

Body Contouring/Lymph Drainage massage (full body):   $99File_000 (1) File_001 File_002 (1)

Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
Result after one Session


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