The treatment fungus on the feet

Foot care and especially nail care need no less attention, than hand care. And maybe even more, because if hands are exposed by the wind and water, then the toe nails threatens by the sweating, which most often occurs with flat feet, diaper rash, which arise due to lack of feet care basic hygiene.

Visit to places of public use, such as swimming pool, sauna, beach, without safety precautions, can lead to fungus on toe nails. Only a few immediately take the fungus treatment in Winter Park, Orlando. People tend to pay attention to the disease when it’s too late.

At the beginning, fungus is almost unseen. There are small white and yellow stripes, stains, then dry and deformation of the nail. Fungus growing slowly, and need long time for a treatment.

The treatment fungus on the feet in Winter Park
The treatment fungus on the feet in Winter Park

Therefore necessarily need refer to specialists and conduct complex treatment. Pretty good results brings lubrication nail with tincture of iodine. Procedure should be performed once in two days, before going to bed, after shower, until complete disappearance of the fungus. If you are confused by the yellow color of the nail, you can buy propolis tincture instead of iodine.

Foot bath in warm, rich solution of celandine up to half an hour will also help in the fungus ot the foot treatment in Winter Park, Orlando. During the day you can do compresses from celandine juice for the nail. In the summer, at the cottage, you can prepare rowan compresses from fresh leaves, which can bind with the bandage. Many of us don’t like the smell of garlic, but garlic mush with butter, rubbed on the affected area, will destroy the fungus (with regular use).

If you not allergic to vinegar, then prepare 9% vinegar compress once a week at night. Cover the compress with cellophane, then wrap with the bandage. In the morning affected nail can be easily removed. You can replace vinegar with crushed golden mustache leaves, it have same effect.

In fight against nail fungus you must have patience, because it’s long process. You may need to use several methods, alternating them, but fungus should be completely ridded, otherwise you’ll have to start treatment in Winter Park, Orlando again. Rule of life: wash your feet with cold water every day. Change your socks every day. Regular shoes cleaning using formaldehyde, which can be bought in nearest parhmacy.