Prevent fungal infection

Prevent fungal infection

Ingrown nails in Winter ParkFungal Infections

Fungal infections are a common disease. The risk of infection is particularly high where the humidity level is  increased; public sauna, swimming pool, shower, ect. These are the most favorable environments for all fungi. It is also easy to pick up an infection, wearing someone else’s socks and shoes or walking barefoot.

Most at risk are those who suffer from excessive sweating due to metabolic and / or misusing closed sports shoes. The skin on one’s feet is virtually always wet with sweat and is also prone to fungal diseases, especially  those with a weakened immune system which can occur due to simple cold.
The earliest sign of fungal infection – itching between the toes. More advanced signs are skin lesions. Fungus may have different manifestations. To determine the type of infection and select the method of treatment it is best to consult a doctor – Mycologist.
Toe nail fungus, in most cases, is the most complicated to treat.

To prevent infection:

– Choose skin care products for hands and feet that contain anti-fungal components such as chloroxylenol, clotrimazole, or tetra – bromo-cresol. All ‘Gehwol’ products for the care of hands and feet contain anti-fungal components. Consult on the product of optimal choice from your Chiropodist.
– Choose Med Hardware Pedicure procedures not involving the use of water baths.
– In the case of infection of the skin, disinfect shoes, change socks, and apply antifungal powder. Also consult your Chiropodist.
– Contact a professional -Mycologist, at the first sign of nail color.
– Always wear your own footwear.