Grow Long, Strong Nails

Strong Nails Winter Park

Growing strong beautiful nails is easy! Just follow these simple rules.

1. Drink plenty of WATER. Your nails will love you for it!

2. Take MULTI VITAMINS to speed up growth and use LOTION to help keep the moisture in.

3. Know your TYPE OF NAILS and follow these specific care tips:

  • If you have normal nails, you are a lucky girl! Your nails have absolutely no flaws (except for biting – if you do that 🙂
  • For dry nails, apply olive oil to the bare nail and cuticle twice a day and massage it in.
  • If you have brittle nails, it means they are too stiff and need moisture.
  • If you have damaged nails, they split, crack, never grow, and desperately need help. This may be due to a health problem; see your doctor.
  • If you have soft nails, surprisingly, this means your nails have too much moisture! The culprit is water, so just remember to wear gloves whenever doing anything related to water, such as washing dishes or clothes.

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