What is an Anti Acne Facial Treatment?

Anti Acne Facial

Here at Euro Style Beauty Salon in Winter Park, FL. an Anti Acne Facial,  is paramount to our clients and our staff. The products our salon uses are of medical grade and can only be sold by a licensed esthetician or doctor. Our clients health and beauty are of the utmost importance. Ekaterina Kutnyak  is our facial specialist and truly enjoys giving the gift of beauty, health and wellness. An Anti Acne Facial Treatment targets breakouts, and promotes clarity. Continuing to receive an anti acne treatment can aid in preventing future breakouts and helps to brighten and heal the skin.

What is acne?

Most clients express their discomforts with facials as being afraid of breaking out

afterwards. Facials detox your skin and the excess oil produced from over stimulated sebaceous glands. Acne is caused by blockage in the follicle; keeping oil from secreting to the surface of the skin. Diet, heredity, stress are just a few factors that can affect your skin’s health. Staying hydrated is very important for healthy skin and hair.

 What are the benefits to receiving Anti  Acne Facial,

  • helps dull, and congested skin to give a more youthful appearance
  • normalizes balance of oil and fluid
  • assists skin’s natural defense and helps to prevent blemishes
  • preserves the tone and muscle formation underneath skin’s surface to keep lines from forming
  • sustains skin’s natural elasticity
  • supports removal of waste and bacteria
  • stimulates blood flow and oxygen

At Euro Style Beauty Salon facials are highly sought after. Our skin goes with us everywhere, and treating yourself includes keeping your skin healthy and glowing. We all love to do nice things for ourselves and a facial is no different, if not necessary. Facials help you to look younger and clearer as well as feel better about your outer appearance. Look good, feel good! Allow us to assist you in YOUR perfect look, each facial is tailored to your concerns, your skin’s needs and the overall desired look. At Euro Style Beauty Salon beauty and wellness is essential to a healthy lifestyle.